The Meaning And Symbolism Of The Rose

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The Rose is a genus of plants belonging to the Rosaceae family, which includes about 150 species and numerous cultivars. Native to Europe and Asia, the Rose can reach several meters in height. There are over 30 spontaneous species. The most common are CaninaGallicaGlauca (especially in the Alps), Pendulina (the Alps and the northern Apennines), and Sempervirens.

According to some studies, the name Rosa derives, whose meaning is flexible.

It is the flower to give par excellence, and each variety carries with it a different message. For centuries it has been the symbol of love, devotion, admiration, beauty, and perfection. It also symbolizes the secret and delicately revealing it. The tightly closed bud also embodies female purity, while the blossomed Rose represents youthful beauty. Forever Roses give is the sign of great love and good relations.

In Roman mythology, the Rose of Lovers was the sacred flower to Venus and has remained ever since today as an expression of deep and passionate love. Many cultures of the world use this flower as a gift or as an ornament for various occasions. First of all, Valentine’s Day to declare their feeling for their beloved.

Red roses are often used as decoration in weddings but also for the occasion of Mother’s Day. Furthermore, depending on the shade of red of the petals, the Rose is used to express different emotions. The purple Rose, for example, is a promise of eternal and solemn love. The fiery red one means passion, while the carmine one symbolizes erotic fantasies.

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The meaning of the roses also varies depending on the number given and the pairing of colors. Two Roses together, regardless of their color, have the purpose of joining or sharing. Still, usually, we provide an even number of roses or the classic dozen, for example, 12, 18, 24, and so on. In general, all types of Rose symbolize love, but different colors express different meanings. Red and white roses together mean Unity. Red and yellow roses together mean solidarity.

The Black Rose: A Rare, Small Wonder

The Black Rose, a symbol of mystery that has always been considered impossible to obtain through crosses, is instead one of the great surprises that nature reserves for us.

We are used to the remarkable wonders of nature, and the Black Rose is one of them!

Thanks to the substances that it naturally absorbs from the soil and the pH of the river water, this Rose, which initially has a dark red color, is very close to intense black towards the end of summer.

The Black Rose is a crimson so dark and intense that it appears black, and as that color suggests, it has been chosen as a symbol of mystery, hope, and passion.

A species that enchants and kidnaps so much that it is called the “Arab bride” and unfortunately is already in danger of extinction, precisely because of man and the number of dams built over the years along the banks of the Euphrates.

the Black Rose has preserved its peculiarities. While remaining an endangered species, it is still possible to admire its singular beauty.

The Roses: A Language To Know

We have seen the countless meanings a Rose can have and the stories this excellent flower can tell.

To be given in a single copy, in an elegant bundle, or in a colorful bouquet, the Roses are a special gift for all those we love.

Having revealed their meaning, it is correct to remember that Forever Roses must be given as an even number or a single flower. And if, on the other hand, the message we want to convey is more complex, nothing prevents us from expressing our feelings in an objective combination of different colors and different meanings.

A way to play with flowers, indeed, with the queen of flowers: the Rose.

With its infinite shades of love and its intoxicating scent, it will not go unnoticed, whatever it’s meaning.

The Meaning Of The Most Important Varieties And Species Of Rosa

Orange: charm.

Bianca: silence.

Rosa and Bianca: “I still love you and I will love you forever!”

Red and White: English “Unity / Flower” emblem.

Bridal: expresses happy love.

Coral: desire.

Yellow: Indicates an accusation of a love that is fading. It also expresses shame and a feeling of jealousy but can also mean contentment and freedom.

Yellow and Orange: thoughts of passion.

Musky: its message is: “You are beautiful but capricious!” but it also indicates the transience of beauty.

Pale: friendship.

Fishing: it can express either “Let’s get together” or the closing of a deal.

Pink – perfect happiness, tenderness, gratitude, appreciation, admiration, or understanding.

Red:  true love, passion.

Varied: love betrayed.

Centifolia is also called “rose with a hundred petals”; they are bearers of love and embody grace.

Damascena: their buds have huge and flat petals at the top end, giving them a quartered appearance. It is the symbol of praise for a beautiful complexion.

From Bengal: Composure of the soul ergo “You are beautiful both in prosperity and in adverse fortune.”

Of China: “Let’s be reconciled!”; if it is presented with a double red flower, it indicates spite.

By Banks: its meaning is to express beauty in both laughter and tears.

Field: simplicity.

Gallic / French: an invitation to meet in the moonlight.

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