Luggage Delivery Service

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Luggage delivery service gives you a door-to-door service that enables you to package your luggage or any of your shipping items for pick-up directly from your home or any of your desired locations by the luggage shipping courier and get it shipped to your domestic or international destination.

Considering luggage delivery service should be a must for everyone most, especially those who want to streamline the travel process or those with limitations, shipping your luggage helps you carry your heavy luggage with no customs delays.

Which Company is Best for Luggage Delivery Service?

Luggage to Ship is the best company that can take care of this for you and you will have the chance to enjoy their cost-effective shipping fee, a door-to-door pick up that lives you at no stress.

And with LTS, you can get a relax able Luggage delivery service.

Why Trust Luggage to Ship?

Although you may want to think twice before you make use of their service, well we are assuring you that you won’t regret making use of luggage to ship because all they got it’s to give you the best.

  • They have succeeded in shipping luggage to over 220 countries, and the regions across the universe.
  • Over 10 years of services experience with no breakdown.
  • World-class partners with FedEx, DHL and others to give you a flexible and hassle-free satisfaction.
  • Domestic shipping and international shipping has always been a success with LTS.
  • They have over 25,000 carrier locations worldwide for drop-off and pick-up with fast responding and reliable customers support.
  • Cost-effective shipping fee that enables you to save up to 70% off the shipping price.
  • Highly secure free storage service to help you save your luggage as safekeeping for 6 months for free till you are ready to ship it to your final destination.
  • Available 20,000 USD insurance coverage to back up your luggage in case it lost or heavily damaged.
  • And they have a good rating and reports from customers who have made use of their services across the world. You can see the ratings here on Mamma or Trustpilot.

Steps to On How Luggage to Ship Luggage Delivery Service Works?

  • Book online on their official website or call them for more details.
  • Once you have made your bookings, you will receive a shipping label either by mail or email, which you will need to attach to your luggage.
  • After that, you can call them for the pick-up, or you can also drop off at any of the carrier locations closely to you or any nearby FedEx or DHL location.
  • Once they receive your package, they will now deliver it to your doorstep destination, or you can go for a pick up at their carrier location.


We are assuring you that with Luggage to Ship you have no issue with your luggage delivery service anymore. Why? Because they are tested and trusted, which means they have proved their effort over and over again to give you a stress-free luggage delivery service.

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