How to Stand Up on the Best Paddle Board

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Stand up paddling is surely interesting sport. It seems like surfing, but it is not only about rushing against the wave and riding it to gain some adrenaline and make some attractive moves. Paddling can be more interesting, since some people make this sport as a chance to enjoy riding the board on the water. Other people do fish on the board while maintaining their stable standing. Even, there are people who do yoga on the paddleboard. This is something new, and now it has become one of the popular trends in yoga.

In this case, you may be interested to try the sport also. In fact, it is not something to be afraid of. Even if you fall from the board, you will not get severe injury, since you are falling into the water, and normally it is calm water. Moreover, it is attractive activity since you will get the nice experience of standing on the water and enjoying the view. In this case, surely you will need Best paddle board. You will also need to know how the standup paddling works. When you want to try it, you may check these points.

Get the Suitable Paddle Board

First thing first is to get your board. It is very necessary to get the suitable board that can accommodate what you need. If you are still beginner, you can choose allrounder board. This is very suitable to start the sport, and it is very convenient since it can work on all kinds of conditions of paddling. In case you want to get the most suitable one, you can consider the height of your body and your arm length. This is to make sure that you are able to conveniently start the position and stand up. Then, choosing the suitable weight is important, so you will not have problem in bringing the board to the water.

Make Preparation

When you already get the paddle board, then it is time to bring the board to the water. In this case, you can choose any area. It can be lake, beach, or even river. However, it is better to choose the one with the calm water, so you will not have difficulty in standing on your board for the first time. When you get the location, you can start to get the position. In this case, you can begin to try standing on the board when its fin does not hit the bottom anymore. It is to make sure that the board is fully floating on the surface of water.

Make a Start

 This will be the crucial point to do. You will need to stay calm. You do not need to worry about anything. There is nothing to be afraid of, so you need to stay relaxed. Then, you can maintain the stable position while you are lying on the board. After that, you can start to make kneeling position. When you feel that your position is already firm, you can slowly try to stand up. You can make a bend while slowly going straight on your feet. In case you lose your balance and suddenly fall off, it is not big problem. You can try again until you get the comfort in standing on the paddleboard.

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