How to Dress for a Winter Football Game

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The start of the football season in September may still be relatively mild, but as autumn and then winter approach, the temperature drops, and wind and rain may make watching a match a less pleasant experience. Dressing right is one way to make sure you can still appreciate the sport.


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There is a science to cold weather and how to protect yourself from it, and as even standing at the side of a football pitch in the cold can cause you to lose feeling in your fingers and toes, it is important that you take steps to try and stay warm.


It starts with your innermost layer of clothing, with silk underwear being one of the best ways to keep you warm and to keep out moisture.


Trousers can also be insulating, with snow trousers (good for all cold weather, not just snow) or waterproof trousers helping keep your legs dry and insulated.


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You may want to wear a team shirt to show your support, but it may be worth considering some high quality Farah shirts such as those at that can stand up to the weather.


A turtleneck can protect the exposed skin of your neck (something that can also be done with a thick scarf), as well as providing a warm layer around your torso.


A simple hoodie is not enough when the weather is really bad, and it is no good proudly having your team shirt on display if you also freeze to death. Wear a proper winter coat. You could also bring a fleece blanket that can be an extra layer covering all the family.


Your shoes need to be sturdy to stand up to the weather, and you also need soles with a good grip to stop you falling either on ice or on spilled beverages. Keep your feet warm and comfortable by wearing thick woolen socks that stop your boots rubbing.

Other extras

A beanie hat is a great way to keep your head and ears warm, whilst gloves are essential to protect your fingers.


As soon as you are home, strip off your damp and bulky outdoor clothes and switch to something softer and more comfortable. Flannel pajamas are a good start, along with a thick dressing gown and some warm slippers.

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