3 Simple Upgrades for Your Glock

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Customizing your pistol can increase accuracy and consistency when firing, giving you an edge in sportsman competitions. If you want to take your performance to the next level, here are some small modifications that can make big differences.


There are a couple of areas where customization can improve upon your sidearm when it comes to magazines. If you’re doing target practice, a magazine with a larger capacity can keep you focused on your performance without breaking concentration or rhythm to reload. You can also purchase an extended magazine release, which allows you to eject magazines quicker, reducing time lost when reloading.


When most people think about aim and accuracy, they just focus on where the sidearm is pointed. That’s certainly a large part of it, but what gets overlooked is hand stability, and how important it is in maintaining consistency in your aim. The pressure it takes to fire can cause your hands to dip. A fixed pyramid trigger will help with that by reducing pull weight, which leads to consistency and increased speed when firing. If you feel the need to further modify the pre-travel and over-travel of your trigger, there are adjustable models as well. Both are designed with comfort in mind, and are broader than a standard trigger, meaning they dig into your finger less.


Mounted Light

For those who find gun ownership to be synonymous with home protection, this customization is a must-have. If you have a light source, an intruder can see that you’re armed and they may back down or flee, avoiding conflict entirely. A mounted light removes the need for a flashlight, ensuring you can keep both hands on your firearm. Keeping it preemptively attached means that you’re ready to address potential threats quicker than if you were fumbling for a rolling, unstable flashlight.

When it comes to customizations, it’s good to brush up on your local laws and regulations before making decisions. And always remember, safety first. 

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